Winterville Police Department


Police Chief Jimmy Fulcher

Asst. Chief Wayne Gabriel 

Col Ray Fairman

Officer Mike Hill


Officer William "Will" Horton




Captain Arthur Krinsky


 Lt. Howell McKinnon
Communications Commander


Lt. Joe Amendolar




Winterville Police Department Mission Statement

Our mission, collectively as a department and as individual officers, is to provide an exemplary level of service and protection to the residents and businesses of the City of Winterville and to all those who may visit, work in, or travel through our community. 
We will serve the community through professional conduct at all times. We will enforce criminal and traffic laws without prejudice or bias, with respect for the rights of all people, to assure a safe and secure environment for all. 

Vision Statement
To preserve a high quality of life and feeling of safety for the Citizens of Winterville, all members of the Winterville Police Department are committed to serve with professionalism, respect and concern for the community. The Department is mission-oriented in all of its priorities and activities. 

Winterville Police Department Core Values
The Core Values that guide the actions of all members of the Winterville Police Department are as follows: 
Service: Being aware of those who need law enforcement assistance and meeting or exceeding their expectations for service. 
Excellence: Being clear about and striving to achieve the highest standards of performance in all aspects of duty. 
Integrity: Committing ourselves to elevated standards of trust, responsibility, and discipline while promoting justice in a fair and impartial manner. 

Compassion: Recognizing and responding with sincerity to the needs of those who are concerned for their safety, require important information, or are temporarily unable to provide for themselves. 

Pride: Believing in the social value of our work, considering it to be among the most noble of professions and deriving personal and professional satisfaction from the effective performance of our duties. 

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Winterville Residents Calling for Police Assistance

If you need police assistance for an emergency please call 911.

Non-emergency (706) 546-5900 

If a Winterville Police Officer is available they will be dispatched immediately to your emergency. If they are busy or otherwise unavailable an Athens-Clarke County Police Officer will be dispatched to handle your emergency.

Routine Non-emergency calls for service should be directed to (706) 546-5900 and either a Winterville patrol officer or an Athens-Clarke County patrol officer will be dispatched as they become available.

The only calls that should be dialed directly to the Winterville Police Department number, are calls of an administrative nature; the response to which may be delayed by up to 24 hours.

Winterville Officers spend very little time at the station during their shift. It is the policy of our agency to be available and engaged in active patrol operations. Therefore, if you need to get in touch with one of our officers please direct your request for contact through the ACCPD Central Communications dispatchers using the Non-emergency number. They will contact the officer if they are working.