Winterville Community Garden

Winterville is proud to now host its very own city-sponsored community garden near Pittard Park - 2020 is our seventh year and we hope you will come going in for the fun!

Winterville Community Garden vision:

The Winterville Community Garden is a place for sharing gardening knowledge in a collaborative environment; promoting self-sufficiency; providing healthy and productive activities for members of our community; promoting a chemical-free and sustainable source of food and beauty; and fostering a sense of community in Winterville. 

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a piece of land gardened by a group of people for the production of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Why join a community garden?

  • Space to grow food
  • Experience the fresh air
  • Get some exercise
  • An opportunity to connect with your neighbors
  • Time with nature
  • Peace & relaxation
  • Share and improve your gardening skills
  • Save money by growing your own food
  • Enjoy pesticide-free food

How do I join the Winterville Community Garden?

For a modest fee, you can own a raised garden bed measuring 8 x 4 feet, shade-free and a food deep in fertile compost and soil mix. Each bed is ready to plant, comes with its own drip irrigation system, and is watered on an automatic timer. All you need to do is choose your favorite seeds, do the tending, and enjoy your harvest.

Please print the Community Garden Registration Form 2020-2021 (.pdf) or pick up a copy at City Hall and return the form with your payment. Please read the Community Garden Rules & Guidelines (.pdf) as well.
This Garden Planting Schedule (pdf) may be helpful to you.

How much does it cost to join?

2020 Rentals: Payment for your plot is due by March 1st, and this will cover one whole year until the end of February 2020.  The rental fee is $40 for one year.

Please fill out the form and take it, together with your payment, to City Hall.  There will also be forms available at City Hall.  There are a few boxes vacant at the moment, and after March 1st, those, and any that have not been rented will be available to new gardeners.  So encourage your friends and neighbors to join us!

The “Rules and Regulations” is a separate document for you to keep for reference.

For more information:



Garden Updates...

November 16, 2020

Hi gardeners,

We will have a socially-distanced workday in the garden on Saturday, November 28.  This will be a good opportunity to work off some of that Thanksgiving dinner!  Weather permitting, let's start around 10:30 a.m.  Please bring a mask for any times when distancing isn't possible.

Please have your boxes ready for an application of Milky Spore powder by then.  Milky Spore is organic germ warfare against Japanese beetle larvae, and should reduce the beetle population for the next few years.

There will likely be a few boxes that can be cleaned out.  Those of you who asked for raspberry transplants earlier in the year could go ahead and get them.

If you're not planning to grow winter veggies, consider planting a green mulch such as clover to enrich the soil.

Wishing all a safe and happy Thanksgiving,


WCG steering committee chair


September 19, 2020

Fall is coming!  While we won't be able to have a Harvest potluck this year, we can still be thankful for our garden and its bounty.

The Garden Committee will be meeting at an earlier time (5:30) than usual to make sure we're done in time for those who wish to participate in the Mayor's Town Hall at 7:00.  I don't know whether the Town Hall will be at the Auditorium or online, and there's no info on the City website.  (I'll be checking the City's Facebook page, as it's likely it will be Live.)

All are welcome to attend the committee meeting, but attendees must wear a mask and maintain distance in the Pavillion. 


The agenda is below:

Winterville Community Garden Committee Agenda

Monday, September 21, 2020

5:30 p.m., Pittard Park Pavillion

Approval of July minutes

Treasurer’s report

Discuss Milky Spore application

Set time for September work day

If anyone has other topics they'd like to be discussed, please let me know. I'll announce the time and goals for the 9/26 work day after the meeting.



WCG committee chair


August 15, 2020

Happy summer rains, gardeners!

The marigolds along Main St. have petered out because the rains waited too long to come.  Would any of you like to help pull them up?  The new tree plantings have added to Tom's workload, and he could use a hand.

Do you have a spot at your house where you'd like to plant some raspberries?  Someone planted some in a garden bed last year, and the folks who rented it this year have been unable to care for the box due to the pandemic.  These are later-bearing berries than those in the Pollinator Garden, and have a few berries ripening now--so they would need to be trimmed and transplanted a bit later on.  Basically there's a box full available.  Please let us know if you're interested.

The WCG committee has approved the purchase of enough Milky Spore powder to treat the whole garden.  This affects only Japanese Beetles by killing their larvae, and should deter them for about 20 years.  We'll need to apply the powder in the fall before a good rain.  We don't want to put it in before people pull up their summer plants and have the powder carted off in the rootballs.  So please be thinking about pulling out your spent plants and getting ready for fall plantings.  Obviously some plants (like okra) will keep going until frost; but a lot of cucurbits, beans, and tomatoes have succumbed to the heat and need to be removed.

Some of y'all may have noticed that there was a shortage of seeds to buy after the pandemic hit in spring.  That made me think about saving seeds.  If you don't know, hybrid plants don't produce seeds that will be true to the parent--only heirloom varieties will do that.  In order to save seeds, you have to plant so they won't cross-pollinate with other varieties of the same plant.  If you've ever planted sweet peppers too close to hot peppers, you know what I mean!  Anyway, if any of y'all are interested in trading seeds or buying heirloom seeds in bulk, I invite you to come to talk about it at the next meeting of the steering committee, which will be Monday, September 21 at 6:00 p.m., most likely in the big pavilion in Pittard Park.  We can celebrate the Fall equinox and think about next year's garden!



WCG committee chair

August 5, 2020

Hi gardeners,

This morning I realized there is an outbreak of leaf-footed bugs in the garden, particularly on tomatoes.  Here's a good article:  This article has photos of damaged tomatoes.  They prefer ripe fruit, so one strategy is to harvest your tomatoes while they're green.  They will eventually ripen if you don't fry 'em up first!  Set them out stem side down to ripen; natural light near a window speeds the process.

You can find more info by searching "organic remedies for leaf footed bug control," which will also show some available sprays.  Note sprays can often kill beneficial bugs like pollinators, too.

I know how hard it is to go outside in this miserable heat.  It isn't so bad before 8 a.m., but it's hard to get out that early if covid anxiety is disrupting your sleep!  I've seen many boxes with produce wasting away.  If you can't harvest your veggies, please email us and we can take them to the Food Bank.  Please don't reply to this message, but send an email to so it won't get lost in the thread.  Let us know if you want us to harvest indefinitely or for a set amount of time.

Recent rains have pumped up tomatoes and okra, especially.  If you don't keep your veggies picked, they will slow down or cease production.  Tomatoes are more likely to split after rain.

Take care, stay cool, and stay well!



July 6, 2020

There are some free plant cages outside the door of the tool shed.  (Thanks, Dorset!)

It is sad to see beautiful tomatoes going unharvested.  If you can't deal with your produce, please just send us an email and we'll take it to the Food Bank.  Be sure to include your box number, and if there's a time limit, include that as well.

Speaking of tomatoes, if we get a lot of rain, they'll be more likely to split; so keep a close eye on them if we do.

The latest strategy of the Japanese beetles is to burrow into marigold blossoms, so keep an eye out for them.  The bowl & soap are still in the tool shed.

Wishing all a great week,


WCG committee


June 22, 2020

Happy summer, gardeners!

The Japanese Beetles are learning, and have figured out it's smarter to fly off instead of drop down into the bowl of soapy water.  However, that's still a great way to get most of them.  The rose bushes have had the most beetles, and the lady who rents that box doesn't live nearby.  I've been attacking the beetles there when I'm in the garden, but help would be appreciated.  There's a metal bowl and some Dr. Bronner's soap in the toolshed.  It's okay to use it with your own plants, too.  It doesn't take a lot of soap, just a squirt.  The beetles also like zinnias, beans, and squash, but could be on anything.  BOLO!

I put some plastic bags into the marigold seed box in the tool shed, in case anyone has a surprise harvest and needs one.  We got a bit of rain last night, and may get more rain tomorrow.  The rain is like growth hormones for plants (and weeds!), so keep an eye on your boxes.

COVID update:  Georgia's new cases are rising.  While it's generally understood that it's safer to be around people outdoors, it's a good idea to at least have a mask with you when you come to the garden.  That way if it's hard to keep distance, it's another level of precaution.  Don't feel like you have to wear it *all* the time, though, unless you feel it's safer.  Remember distance should be *at least* 6 feet.

I hope you're all enjoying your harvests as much as I'm enjoying mine!

Veg out,



June 12, 2020

Dear gardeners,

The raspberries on the outside of the fence over by the city dumpster are starting to ripen.  These are for sharing by gardeners, so feel free to pick some.  If you've never picked them before, you can usually tell if they're ripe by very gently pulling on each berry; if it's ripe, it will come loose.  There are videos and articles on how to pick; just use a search engine.  Note they tend to ripen first at the bottom of the plant, so check along the ground.  You can't really pick wearing gloves, but take your gloves to the area and pull some weeds while you're over there!  =)

Our garden neighbor Melissa had a great suggestion for removing squash bug eggs:  duct tape!  I think that's brilliant!  And if you don't want to "squash" the squash bugs, drop them in a bowl of soapy water--which also works on those Japanese beetles.  

Just as early intervention helps with destructive insects, it also is the most effective approach to weeds.  Note that grass is particularly good at growing along the irrigation tubing, and if you let it go it will be almost impossible to get the tubing free.  And you know not to use your hoe right by 

the tubing, right?  It's too easy to ruin the tube.

There are still some basil seedlings in a flat over by the white board.  Feel free to grab one or two, and give 'em a drink if they look thirsty.

A silver lining of sheltering from Covid has been that people have had more time to spend in the garden and it shows.  This is the most beautiful the garden has been since its inception.  Thank you for your part in that!

Happy harvesting,


WCG steering committee chair


June 5, 2020

Dear gardeners,

Fellow gardener Bob Gadd has generously put a tray of free basil seedlings for sharing over by the white board.

He also has high quality tomato cages for sale for $10 each.  A photo is attached.  If you'd like to get one, contact us at wintervillecommunitygarden[at]gmail[dot]com.

Wishing all a great weekend,



May 24, 2020

Dear gardeners,

The water is back on.  Note most established plants may not need watering beyond what the irrigation provides, but seeds and seedlings may need additional water.  But probably not in a week when we get 5" of rain!  =)

Wishing all a great holiday weekend,


WCG committee chair


May 23, 2020

The well pump has been replaced.  It will  take a couple of days before the silt settles, but irrigation should be restored next week.  The steering committee approved payment of $1,790 to replace the pump.  We still have enough in reserve to pay the weedeaters to maintain the common areas of the garden for the rest of the year.

A neighbor has offered about 25 sweet potato slips and some tomato cuttings that can be rooted.  If you're interested, please let me know asap.

Speaking of tomatoes, I posted a good video on pruning them on the Winterville Community Garden Facebook page.

Wishing you growth,


WCG committee chair


May 11, 2020

Good Morning WCG Gardeners -  

First the bad news - The well pump failed some time over the weekend, and when Tom Doonan arrived at work he realized that there was no water.

The good news - Tom has managed to re-route the city water to the system so that we do have water, and Bob says that the irrigation is running. 

Not so good news -  However, this is going to be very costly, both for the pump replacement itself, but also because running city water for the irrigation is extremely expensive.  This will cost the Community Gardens - we need to pay our share for the pump, and we will now be getting water bills.

So, for the moment we do have irrigation.  But please note:  Even if the surface of the soil looks dry to you, as long as the system is working the soil will be wet enough for plant root systems.  PLEASE CONSERVE WATER - Unless you have seeds or seedlings in your box, it should not be necessary to use extra water.  

The WCG Committee has been very financially responsible!!  We have quite a good emergency fund, and we are not expecting to charge the gardeners any extra fees - didn't even think of it!  But that being said, please, please conserve water.

Thank you for your cooperation with this!



May 9, 2020

Tomato-growers:  We are now in tomato season, and there are already a lot of tomato plants in our garden boxes.  Last year, towards the end of June, we sent out an email to let you know that some plants in the gardens had fusarium wilt.  This is a fungal disease of tomato plants, and its spores can survive in soil.  It blocks the water-conducting tissues, so that the plant can’t get enough water, and you will usually notice it at the bottom of the plant first - the leaves wilt and turn brown.  Remove these leaves immediately, but if it continues to spread up the plant, it would be sensible to pull the whole plant – it can spread from one plant to another – and from box to box.

It is always a good idea to use plants that are resistant to tomato diseases, and in the codes that are used on plant labels and seed packets, ‘F’ stands for ‘resistant to fusarium wilt’.

At this point, if you already have your plants, there are two things that you can do:

  1.       Remove lower leaves and shoots so that the plant is not in contact with soil
  2.      Mulch under the plants.

These will prevent soil splatter on the leaves when it rains, or if your watering is too exuberant.

Mosquito season:  There are already mosquitoes around.  Please be extra careful to turn over all containers that could hold water so that mosquito larvae can’t survive in them.  In a few weeks you’ll be glad we did this!!

Enjoy the sunshine!  The gardens are looking wonderful.


(for WCG)


May 7, 2020

Hello gardeners,

Isn't the garden lovely these days?  Its beauty is helping to keep me sane in these crazy times.

I put a cardboard box containing a bunch of Durango Outback marigold seeds in the tool shed.  These are from a friend who described them as a type of French marigold that gets about a foot or so high.  Help yourselves!

Also, has anyone seen a face mask with a lot of colorful ladybugs on it?  I'm wondering if I dropped in the garden last week, as I seem to have disapparated it.



WCG committee


April 24, 2020

Dear gardeners, below is an email from the UGA Trial Gardens about their annual plant sale, and a flyer is attached.



WCG committee chair


It's truly joyous to announce that we are back in business...perhaps differently than usual but we got the most wonderful plants this year!!

The UGArden has graciously allowed us to take advantage of their online ordering system and we will plan to have customers order online and pick up their plants at our Riverbend greenhouse.  Ordering should be able to begin 5/13/20 and run the the next several days after.  The proposed date for pickup will be  Saturday May 16 and Monday May 18th.  Some of the details are still in the works but we will update as we iron out details. 

Best of all $5 per plant this year!!!  $5!!!  Considering all that is happening we have decided to make this a day of plenty for all our our wonderful followers.  So save some of your spring gardening budget for the sale as we will be looking to sell out!  Do keep in mind that all proceeds go towards paying for student labor and supplies for the continuation of the Trial Gardens.  So look at what you spend as more of a donation with the added benefit of receiving plants as our thank you. 

Attached are the proposed plant list and a flyer both of which can be freely shared.  And keep tuned as updates come out on how to order and how the pickup process will happen.  

What: Trial Garden Plant Sale

When:  Online ordering  beginning 5/13.  Pickup 5/16 and 5/18

Where:  111 Riverbend Rd.  Athens, GA 30602.  Close to where the Hort Club has their sale.  Not at the Trial Gardens this year.

How:  Browse our sale list, order online, pickup at our Riverbend Greenhouse.

Questions:  Brandon Coker,

Thanks all!


April 10, 2020

Dear gardeners,

Those of you who were at the February registration event may recall that we talked about a local organization that helps disabled people by selling seedlings.  I talked to Stephanie yesterday, and she will have tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants (plants that can reduce production when they are set out when the nights are still too cool) available around the first of May.  She regularly passes through Winterville and is willing to make dropoffs if you pay by check.

Stephanie's phone number is (706) 424-4080.  Here is the link for Good Roots: . Also, if you google Good Roots you can find links with more info about Multiple Choices and the Good Roots FaceBook page (

Take care and stay well,


WCG committee chair


April 7, 2020

From our neighbor Lee Ann:  "Would anybody local like some strawberry plants? They have taken over my garden, and I need to make space for other plants. You can come any time and stay socially distant. The gate will be open, and there’s no need to tell me you’re coming or you’re here. Just bring a trowel and something to put the plants in. 

185 S Georgia Ave, Winterville"  (The garden is around back.)

Remember mosquitoes can quickly breed in small amounts of standing water, so please keep watering cans and other things turned upside down.  (This doesn't include pans left out for birds & squirrels, which get emptied and refilled.)

Please pay attention when rewinding water hoses and don't leave a tangle for the gardener using it after you.

Although the boxes have been treated with an orange oil solution, ants are an ongoing issue.  Remember to send an email to this garden address, as there is no one monitoring the white board.  Also, because garden-wide treatment is dependent on volunteer time and weather, please be prepared to use your own organic solutions.  Equal parts of flour, sugar, and boric acid can work well if you don't have orange oil or spinosad.

Y'all take care and stay well,


WCG Committee chair


April 3, 2020

Here's a quote from the Georgia Municipal Association to local government officials:

"Social Distancing in or on Local Government Locations. Local governments must require six feet between each person in or on a local government property.  This applies to officials, employees, and citizens. It does not apply to individuals who live together when they are outside of their homes.  If the minimum distance of six feet cannot be maintained, then the local government location may only have a maximum of 10 people present at a time."

The whole executive order from the Governor is about 22 pages long, but it does have provisions for people to get exercise outdoors and to work on agricultural projects.  Gardens can't be productive if they are neglected, so please just stay six feet apart from others when you're working on your box(es).  It is also recommended that people wear masks in public.  There are posts online that show how to make no-sew masks from bandanas or t-shirts, in addition to instructions on how to sew masks.  These are not as effective as the masks used by medical personnel, but they will help and are good reminders not to touch your face.  

I also recommend wearing gloves and throwing them and your clothes into the wash when you return home.  It can't hurt to shower and wash your hair, too.

Take care, stay safe, bloom and grow,

Brenda Keen

WCG committee chair & Winterville City Council member


March 30, 2020

Notes from Bob, the Fire Ant Guy:

We have treated over 40 fire ant nests in the garden, and most have been destroyed.  They will be back, but hopefully the problem will now be manageable.

We used a solution of 4 oz orange oil in a gallon of water, and most nests required at least half a gallon of the oil mix for a good soaking.

Almost all nests are located at the edge of the boxes, most often in the corners, but some may be located under stones or other objects placed in the boxes.

Large nests may extend into the ground outside the box.

Focal nests are much more easily destroyed than nests that extend along the sides of the box.

Raw orange oil works better than purified limonene because it forms a stable emulsion.

Some nests located in boxes that are full of weeds may have been missed.

Box owners may wish to treat nests in their own boxes, and we recommend orange oil as being by far the most effective organic solution.

We will place some pre-diluted bottles of orange oil in the tool shed.  One bottle should be sufficient for a small nest, two for a larger nest.  This is expensive – Please don’t waste it. Use it only for fire ants, for their nests, not individual ants.

To ensure that the ants concentrate their nest in one area, place a stone or brick in the corner of the box.  This will make treatment easier.

You need to target the brood chamber.  Destroy that and the larvae in it and you will have destroyed the nest.  The brood chamber is located under the heap of soil that the ants create - it is the area that the ants defend ferociously.  So if you probe around with a long stick and get a swarming response, that is the area to soak with orange oil.


Hope this makes your gardening even more enjoyable!



(WCG Membership & Rentals)


March 28, 2020

Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners!

Here is some good news from the Community Garden!   Please read this whole email (I know it's long!) – it covers important information for the whole gardening season.

  •       The irrigation is now fixed and on.  Please read all of Bob’s notes, and be protective of this system.  We’re lucky to have it!
  •       The mowers are back for the season.  They will be mowing/weed-whacking twice a month.  It is still your responsibility to keep your garden plots weed-free!
  •       Compost is there for you to add to your garden boxes.  We will keep a supply there so long as Tom and his crew at the City Works Department can do this.
  •       All the boxes are rented!  We waited three weeks after the deadline, and then opened up available boxes to current gardeners.  However, we now have a waiting list!  So if you no longer want your box (or one of your boxes), or for whatever reason you cannot garden with us after all, please let me know.  There are some keen gardeners waiting for an opening!  We can sort out the finances later.  NOTE:  As I’ve said previously, if you haven’t yet paid, and find yourself financially strapped, just keep gardening.  That’s fine.

And one more item – FIRE ANTS – Read below.

Notes from Bob, the irrigation guy:

The irrigation system is now turned on for the season.  It operates for three minutes, four times each day.

All boxes are currently turned OFF.  If you want your box to be watered, you will need to turn the spigot on the tubing so that the green handle is in line with the tubing.

Some boxes have a large proportion of blocked emitters (the holes in the 1/4” tubing).  Tubing on E5, E6 and E9 has already been replaced, and tubing on A2, A3, A5, A6, A9, A10, A11 and A12 will be replaced as soon as possible.

There were a few leaks, mostly caused by rodent chewing, and these have been repaired (G5, G7 and E15).  The spigot on E8 had been destroyed.  It was replaced and sprayed with liquid fence to deter further chewing.  (If anyone has any idea of how to deal with the rodents, please let us know!)

If you are in the garden when the irrigation is working (7 - 7:15 am, 1 - 1:15 pm, 7 - 7:15 pm) and you see water spurting rather than just dripping, please report it and its location by email.

It is important to keep the 1/4” tube ABOVE GROUND and ON TOP of landscape fabric and mulch.  The tubing is not designed to be buried.  If it is buried, dirt can get sucked into the system resulting in further blockages in your box and in other boxes.  The 1/2” distribution tube can be buried, and burying it may protect it from rodent damage.

If you have any questions or comments about the irrigation system, please submit them by email.

And one further note:  If you have seeds in your garden, you might want to do some additional watering by hand until they have a sprouted.  Although the watering system works well, the surface of the soil does dry out in the sun.

Fire Ants:  You have probably noticed several large fire ant mounds in the garden boxes. The best solution is to thoroughly douse any active fire ant nest with diluted orange oil (4 oz to a gallon of water). The gardens have purchased – from Amazon - enough orange oil (similar to the limonene we used last year) to tackle all boxes.  It’s expensive, but works.

Since Bob and I are being socially distant (as I hope are all of you), we will tackle this problem and not ask for a team of volunteers.  We’ll work on one quadrant per session (and if anyone feels the urge ….. the boredom of being at home …….. we’ll be delighted for someone else to share this chore by working separately!)   It has to be done on a warm, sunny day when the ants are active.

This will be a one-time effort.  Afterwards, please keep an eye out for these ants.  Their stings are quite painful, and the nests should be treated as soon as they are noticed.  Spinosad granules is a good bait – can be bought on line, or at garden centers like Cofers.  If you have questions about fire ants in your box, email us.

Thank you for attention to all of this.  I look forward to getting together with our gardeners at some future time.  

Enjoy the sunshine and gardening!


(WCG Membership & Rentals)


March 23, 2020

Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners – 

Here are some updates on what is happening at the gardens.

 Irrigation:  This doesn’t seem urgent right now!  However, the time will come ……    we are still working on flushing out the tubing in individual boxes, and when that is finished, we will test the system.  We’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

NOTE:  If you see Bob at the gardens, please keep well away!  He and I are both elderly (even if we don’t feel it), and Bob is asthmatic.  So, please keep your distance.  Ditto, if you see me working in the Pollinator Garden.  Much as I love to chat, it’s just not an option at the moment.  Just wave!

Late payments:   I know there are a few checks waiting to be picked up from City Hall.  If you have not received an email receipt, then your check is still there.  City Hall is closed, so expect delays in depositing these checks.  If the delay is lengthy, I’ll notify you before the deposit is made.

NOTE:  If you are having financial problems because of the coronavirus, and haven’t yet paid, please go ahead and garden anyway.   We all need all the fresh veg we can grow!

Work day postponed:  There will be no official workday.  You are always welcome to go up to the gardens and work on communal areas – the Pollinator Garden, for one, will always look better for weeding.  And It’s a great stress-reliever!  But remember to keep your distance from other gardeners.  Six feet is recommended.

The mowers are back for the season, and the gardens are looking great again.

Wishing you all well – while maintaining your distance! 

Happy Spring-time gardening!


(Membership & Rentals)


March 2, 2020

Good Afternoon WCG gardeners - 

Bob and Drew have made a start on checking out the irrigation system!  So far, so good!  The full system is not set to run yet, but the two faucets are functional.  So you still need to use the watering cans if watering is necessary, but not such a trek to the source!



January 16, 2020
Happy new year, gardeners!
The garden steering committee will meet on Monday, January 20, at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall.  All are welcome.  We'll be planning our upcoming Registration Potluck, which will be Monday, February 17, at 6:00 p.m. in the Depot.  Please put that on your calendar!
Below is a message about the County Extension's first free class in their 2020 series, for those of you who are interested.
WCG Committee Chair
From: "Joanna Wright" <joanna.wright@UGA.EDU>
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 10:53:33 AM
Subject: Pruning 101 Class



We wanted to notify anyone who is interested that registration has opened for the first class of our Green Thumb Lectures, a 2020 free monthly gardening class series offered by Athens-Clarke County Extension.


The first class of this series will be covering the topic of Pruning and will occurring on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at the ACC Extension office located on 275 Cleveland Road, Bogart, GA 30622.  We invite you to join us at 5:30pm on February 12 to celebrate the launch of our 2020 Green Thumb Lecture series where we will have light snacks and door prizes. The Pruning 101 lecture will begin at 6:00pm.

To register, please visit .

If you have any questions or problems with registering please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone: 706-613-3640.

Thank you!


11/19/19 - 

Dear gardeners,

Please be sure that Monday, Feb. 17, is on your calendars.  That will be our official registration event, so we'll provide some food and ask folks to bring supplemental dishes.  We'll have registration forms and take payments (cash or check only) that night.
We're going to set up an email distribution list for folks interested in helping with the Food Bank boxes.  Some volunteered to adopt boxes, but others just wanted to help occasionally.  If you want to be on that list to get updates and delivery schedules for the Food Bank, please let us know.
After a gruelingly hot summer that seemed to immediately turn to winter, it's been hard to get outside to work on garden beds--but please try to get your old plants out soon.  Clearing out old debris helps keep pest insects and plant diseases from overwintering.  You can still grow plants like collards and such, or you may want to improve the soil by planting a cover crop like clover.  It can be a good time to add compost and mulch.
Resources in the tool shed can be used by all gardeners, but please don't use the shed as a dumping ground.  We'll try to get it tidied up over the winter.
No workdays in November and December due to holidays.  January will be determined by the weather.
Lastly, the herbs in the Pollinator Garden can be shared by gardeners, so feel free to snip some sage and such for your Thanksgiving dressing!  Just take what you need so there'll be plenty to share.
It was great to see so many of you at the November potluck!  We're looking forward to another great growing year.
WCG committee chair

11/13/19 - 

Good Evening, WCG Gardeners!

Thank you to all of you who came to our Potluck Meeting.  About 30 of our gardeners were there - with some lively discussion and some delicious home-made food!
For those of you who couldn't be there, I have attached a summary of our discussions.  I have also attached a copy of Craig's handout about his garden trellis hoops -  a great presentation!  After winter we will see if there is interest from gardeners for this, and maybe have a group effort for anyone interested.  Craig's email address (given with his permission!) is, and he will be happy to answer any questions you have about the hoops.
The adoption of all five of the Food Bank boxes is a wonderful plan.  Great idea, and hopefully this could work for other areas of the gardens, too.  It was good to have Mayor Dodd Ferrelle come in to talk to us about the Marigold Market - and about how we can have a stall there for selling produce.  I'm sure we'll hear more about that soon. 
Our next Committee meeting will be on Monday, November 18th, at 6 p.m. at City Hall, and you are welcome to attend.
Thank you for all your input yesterday.  It was an energizing meeting!
(for the WCG Committee)


11/8/19 - 

Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners

This is to let you know that the irrigation system has been turned off for the winter.  There is a frost warning for tonight, and a forecast for two nights in the 20s next week.  If you need to water your gardens, you can still get water from the faucet outside the Public Works building (Tom's place).  Bob will be draining our system this weekend.
Some suggestions:   If you still have tomatoes, you could pick them and ripen them indoors in a sunny window, or, of course, eat green tomatoes!  Any summer veg will be damaged by a frost.  Most cool-season veg will survive a frost.  If you are concerned, you could cover them overnight, but take the cover off before they get baked in the sun.
Looking forward to seeing you at our Potluck on Monday - 6 p.m. at the Depot.
(for the WCG Committee)


11/4/19 - The Winterville Community Garden's community-wide potluck is on Monday, February 17th.


Pollinator Garden

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10/26/19 - 

Good Morning WCG Gardeners -

A big thank you to those of you who came to the workday today.  It took us less than an hour to clean up the pollinator/herb garden (photos attached), and it looks great.  Future plans for that area include mulching for the winter and planting some groups of flowering shrubs.  The mowers were there yesterday; the veggies and flowers in the gardens are still doing well.  It all looks beautiful!  Kudos to all our gardeners!
We hope to see you all at our annual potluck on Monday, November 11th, 6-8 pm at the City Depot.  Bring your ideas and suggestions ............ and your friends and neighbors .............. and your favorite dish to share!  Craig and Laura will do a brief presentation on the methods and reasons for their hoop gardens (one of which still has those fabulous Brandywine tomatoes which we've all admired).  And we'll talk about future plans for the gardens.
It seems there might be a few boxes available for winter crops, so if anyone is interested in taking on an extra box for a few months, please let me know.
(WCG membership and rentals)

10/23/19 -

Good Morning, WCG Gardeners

A reminder - Our next workday is this Saturday, October 28th.  We'll start at 9:00 a.m., but any time you can give will be great.  Just get there when you can.  There's plenty of cleaning up to be done!  This will possibly be the last workday of the year.
And for your calendar - Our annual get-together potluck will be on Monday, November 11th at the City Depot, starting at 6 p.m.  Please be sure to come and hear our plans for the gardens, and we would love to have your suggestions.  Bring your friends and neighbors, too.  And bring your favorite dish to share.  Looking forward to seeing you there!
Thanks.  Hope to see you on Saturday!
Averil Bonsall
(WCG Membership and Rentals)


10/18/19 -

Happy Friday, gardeners!

We'll talk about this more at the Nov. 11 potluck, but the garden steering committee is looking for more members.  If you'd like to come check out our next committee meeting, it is Monday, 10/21, at 6:00 in City Hall.  The committee meets the third Monday of each month, with occasional skipped or rescheduled meetings depending on when holidays fall. We try to limit meetings to an hour.  We'd love to have more of you join us!
A quick reminder--the monthly work morning will be Saturday, Oct. 26.  Time will be decided at Monday's meeting.
Also, Akram has offered to share his peppers and tomatoes in boxes G3 and F3 if anyone needs some.  Just peppers and tomatoes, please.
Wishing all a great weekend,
WCG Committee chair


9/24/19 -

Happy Fall, gardeners!

Our next work session is this coming Saturday, September 28.  We're planning to start at 8:30, but if that's too early for you, please join us when you can.  It's still hot enough that work is more pleasant early in the morning.  We'll be working on the pollinator garden (which may have to be converted to shrubs if more people don't help out) and on the Food Bank boxes.  It is okay to work on your own box, too, if you're behind on weeding.
And don't forget we'll be having a community-wide potluck on Monday, Nov. 11 at 6:00 p.m.  More on that later, but please put it on your calendar if you haven't already.
WCG Committee chair

9/1/19 -

Dear gardeners,

Let's all get together for a meal and conversation in the Depot on Monday, November 11 at 6:00 p.m.  The committee will provide lasagna (meat & veggie), salad, and bread, ask folks to bring sides or desserts to round it out.  Please put this on your calendars now.  Topics to discuss will be sent out closer to time.  We'll also be collecting canned goods for donation to the Food Bank.
Due to the heat, we've decided not to have our usual work session on Saturday, August 31.  Obviously, folks are welcome to come and work and to log your hours on the list in the shed if you work on common areas.  Those tasks could include clearing out the Food Bank beds and weeding the Pollinator Garden.  
I know I'd said we could talk about garden thefts that day, but the committee talked about it at its last meeting.  We decided to ask gardeners who wish to announce excess produce for sharing do so only by emailing wintervillecommunitygarden@gmail.comand giving their box number(s) and the dates for harvesting, and note what is available to take.  We will take it to the Food Bank if possible, or forward the information to other gardeners.  If you have anything else to share or suggest about the garden thefts, please send us an email.
WCG Committee chair


8/1/19 -

Dear WCG gardeners,

We have had multiple reports of veggie thefts from the garden.  We have just added signs that hopefully will discourage unauthorized picking, and I've asked city employees to keep an eye out for anyone who may be picking from the whole garden instead of one box.
Here are some other things we can do:
Attend group meetings and work days so we'll know who are neighbors are.
Keep veggies picked in a timely manner so they won't tempt others to pick them.  I've had people comment on veggies that are obviously overdue for picking, so they do get noticed.
The steering committee will discuss this at our next meeting on August 19, and we encourage as many people as possible to come to the work session on Saturday, August 31, so we can discuss this as a whole community.  If you have other ideas in the meantime, please let us know.
WCG committee chair


7/27/19 - 

There are few things finer than getting sweaty in a garden and then taking a cool shower!  Especially if you follow it up with watermelon right out of the fridge!  Thanks to those who worked in the garden this morning.  Folks who didn't come are MISSING OUT on news, helping hands, and veggie & herb swaps.  Our next work session will be Saturday, August 31.  Time will be announced later, but please mark your calendar and join us to celebrate the waning summer!

WCG committee chair


7-16-19 - 

Greetings gardeners,

I hope you're all having a great summer!  The WCG steering committee met last night, and here are some updates we want to share.
July's work session on Saturday the 27th will begin at 7:30 a.m. due to the heat.  Although our usual focus is on common areas, there are enough personal boxes that need attention that we are encouraging gardeners to deal with those, with particular emphasis on dealing with plants that are overflowing into paths.  Other tasks are adding compost to food bank boxes and pulling weeds from the Pollinator Garden.  Sorry for the early start time, but the garden is in full sun by 8:15.  It is okay to come later, but it can be fun to accomplish a lot while it's cooler and then reward yourself with breakfast at Little City Diner or a biscuit from Off the Vine.
I hate to sound like a broken record, but it seems like some folks haven't taken note of earlier emails, so I must repeat.  The loose hose that's been left by the gate is a tripping hazard and needs to be removed.  Unharvested veggies are going to waste.  You can add a note to the whiteboard on the storage shed side of the garden if you want to give others permission to pick from your box, or you can email us about donating to the Food Bank.
The whiteboard is going to be cleaned soon.  If you have trouble finding a marker that works, check in the storage shed.
Please remember to close gates and the storage shed doors whenever you're done in the garden.
All gardeners agreed to help garden-wide as a condition of membership. If you're unable to come to the monthly work session, remember you can note any work you do in common areas in the log that's in the storage shed.  Hoping to see y'all on the 27th!
WCG Committee chair

6/27/19 - 

Last Saturday of the month – June 29, 9 a.m.   “Bugs in our Garden”.   Instead of a regular workday on June 29th, we have a guest speaker, Dr. Paul Guillebeau.  He will discuss the insect pests you see in your gardens and ways to control them.   Dr. Guillebeau is a well-known UGA entomologist and makes bugs fun!  He will talk for about 30 minutes and then answer your questions.  This will be well worth hearing, and we encourage you to attend.   We'll have a pot-luck breakfast, with coffee provided, so please bring your favorite dish to share!  We’ll start at 9 a.m. (set-up time at 8:30).  And we have shade!  
Hope to see you there!
(for WCG Committee)
6/21/19 - 
On Monday, June 17th, the boxes flagged for fire ants were treated with Spinosad.  This product is granular and yellowish in color.  The flags were removed from the treated boxes.  Those who identified and flagged alerts for ants, please carefully check your box.  It might be the ants are still there or have moved around in the box, or perhaps outside.    If ants remain present in the recently treated boxes or fire ants are identified in other boxes, please flag and send an email alert to:
 Sally Elie, WCG Committee Secretary


5/29/19 -

After quite a few discussions, the Community Garden Committee has decided the best way to get a shade feature is to have a shed (approx. 8'x12' or so) built along the fence on the street side.  I'm putting out the first call for carpenters/builders to give us a quote here, in case y'all have anyone you want to recommend.  If I don't get responses from this list, I'll post it later on the Winterville listserv and Nextdoor social media site.  We'll also be getting some benches.  With this unseasonal heat, we need the shade more than ever!

WCGC chair



Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners -

Our next workday will be next Saturday, May 25, starting at 8:30 a.m.  If you want to start earlier to beat the heat, that's fine.  We probably want to be through as soon as we can, so we can skip the pot-luck this week, though if you have something delicious to share I'm sure everyone would  enjoy it!  Do bring your drinking water.
Volunteer hours.  Gardeners who cannot make it to regular work days are making good use of the job list and sign-up sheet in the shed.  Two more easy tasks have been added, both in the Pollinator Garden - 1.  Pull any spent poppies - they come up very easily.  2.  Pull all crabgrass from the garden.  Thanks!
The pots at the side of the garden shed are free for the taking.  Please help yourselves.  Just dump the contents somewhere sensible!    
Fire ant bait has now been put out in all garden boxes.  Leave it for a while, and if you still have fire-ant activity flag your box and email us.  We'll do a second round where needed.
Mosquitoes have arrived in force!  Please make sure to upturn any pots, wheel-barrows, tubs etc. so that water doesn't pool and encourage mosquito breeding.  We'll all be grateful to you!
Mowing/trimming has started.  Please keep all pathways clear so that they can do a good job.  Thanks!
The gardens are beautiful!  We hope to see you on Saturday!
(for the WCG Committee)
5/16/19 -

Good Evening, WCG Gardeners - Just to let you know that we'll be putting out fire ant bait this week - it looks as though we won't have rain for a few days.  The bait will be scattered around the inside edges of all the garden boxes.  So when you see these granules of bait, please try not to get them wet.

Thanks.  Gardens are looking great!


5/4/19 -

Good Afternoon WCG Gardeners - Just to let you know that we now have enough 1/4" irrigation tubing to replace any that has been damaged by rodents, or is blocked.  Just let us know by emailing us at this address ( and Bob will fix it as soon as he can get to it. 

On walking around the gardens this morning, there did seem to be several boxes that had the water turned off.  If you would like to make use of the irrigation (four times per day, at least 5 minutes per session), remember to turn the green valve so that it is in line with the 1/2" (wider) tube i.e. position it lengthwise along the tube.
The gardens are looking great.  Brenda and I enjoyed showing them off to a group of Coile Middle School students this morning.  They took lots of photos!


Good Afternoon, WCG Gardeners –

Here are a few updates from the gardens.  Please do read them!

Next workday – This Saturday, April 27th, starting at 8:30 a.m.  This will be a pot-luck breakfast, so please bring your favorite dish to share.  The Committee will provide cold drinks. Come out and meet your fellow-gardeners.  Hope to see you there!

Marigold Festival – Saturday, May 11th.  The Community Garden will have a booth in the Eco Village at the Festival.  We will provide garden-related activities for children, and our hours will be from 9 am until 2pm.  It should be a lot of fun!  If you would like to volunteer your timeto man the booth (you’ll be with at least one other person), and/or provide some suitable activitiesfor the booth, please email us.  It would be great to have a good number of volunteers – the more we have, the shorter the time we each need to be there!  And you know you’ll be at the Marigold Festival anyway – you can’t possibility miss Winterville’s greatest day of the year!!

Irrigation – The irrigation is up and running – four times a day, five minutes each watering period.  Please realize that the water soaks into the soil, and the surface of the soil won’t necessarily look damp.  If you are concerned about how much water you are getting, feel down about an inch or so into the soil.  If it’s damp then your plants are getting enough.  If you think you have a problem, please email us to let us know.

Please remember to bury the half-inch tube to prevent rodent problems, but make sure the thin tube is on the surface of the soil.  If it gets under the soil its holes will get clogged.

If you spot a problem of over-watering in one of the boxes, probably caused by a cut or hole in one of the tubes, please turn off the water in that box (using the green valve) and email us with the box number. Although that is a nuisance, remember we have faucets and watering cans, so it isn’t a major problem! We will deal with it as soon as we can, and we’ll notify the gardener involved.

Volunteer hours-  For those of you who cannot make it to Saturday workdays, we are providing a list of garden chores and sign-up sheet for volunteer hours (in a green binder in our garden shed).  This will allow you to record the hours you work to fulfill your volunteer requirements as set out in the agreement you signed!  

Membership– We are full!!!  There are no more vacant boxes.  And the gardens are looking wonderful!  We’ve had several great compliments recently.

Please note that we are trying to emphasize the “community” aspect of these gardens, and one way to do this is to communicate with each other. If you have garden questions, please email us, and we will start adding a Q&A section to the Updates.

We hope to see you at the workday on Saturday – and don’t forget the Tree Tour in the afternoon.


(for the WCG Committee)



Good afternoon, gardeners  -  Just a quick update - Bob has ordered some new filters for the irrigation system at the gardens, and once they're installed he will turn on the water to the faucets.   It doesn't look as though we'll be getting any more frosts, and I see some gardens planted already - and we seem to be getting plenty of rain at the moment!

The garden box system needs some upgrading, but he will be getting on with that soon.  I'll let you know the water is turned on. 
Happy Gardening!
Dear gardeners,
Because the organic chemicals that we use for ants require warm soil and dry weather, we haven't been able to apply them to the whole garden thus far this year.  If you're having a problem with ants and want to be proactive, a good option is to mix equal parts of boric acid (available at pharmacies and perhaps some garden stores), flour, and sugar.  Sprinkle the mixture over the top of the soil and the ants will carry it down into the bed.
Thanks to new committee member Chris Holland for the info on the seed swap.
The Winder Community Gardens are having a seed swap this Saturday. See link below for flyer. 
Happy gardening, y'all!
committee chair
Good Morning Gardeners -
Just a quick follow-up to my last email.  It was good to see some of the WCG  gardeners at the meeting last night.  There were probably over 50 participants, including several farmers, and it was a great meeting - lots of very good ideas and discussion.  It would seem the most likely place for the Market to happen is at Pittard Park.  Dodd is forming a committee for further discussion, and I, for one of many, hope this Farmers Market happens.  An exciting project!
FYI - There are 6 vacant garden boxes.  The deadline is past, so if anyone is interested in a second (or third!) box, please let me know.
After the freeze tonight, I hope we'll be in for Spring gardening weather.  See you at the gardens!
(WCG Membership and Rentals)
Good Afternoon WCG gardeners - 
First a reminder - There will be a Town Hall meeting at the Winterville Depot this coming Monday, March 4, at 5:30 pm.  The topic is specifically to discuss a Farmers Market for Winterville.  As vegetable gardeners, we expect that you would be interested in this, and very much hope that you will be able to attend.
There will be food provided, partly from Little City Diner, and from Off-the-Vine.  The WCG Committee is providing a salad and some dessert.  If you have a favorite dish that you would like to share, it would be much appreciated, but this is certainly not necessary to attend the meeting!
Second - and you have probably seen this already - I just want to make sure that you know that at the moment the weather forecast for next week has a couple of nights of very low temperatures - mid-low 20s!  If you have planted non-hardy veg, or have anything that is flowering, e.g. blueberries, you might want to make sure they are covered each night to protect them from frost-damage.
Thanks, and we hope to see you at Monday's Town Hall meeting!
Averil (for the WCG Committee)
2/20/19 -
Dear gardeners,
First THANK YOU for the excellent turnout at the potluck on Monday!  It was great to see those of you who could come.  Remember we're having a work session on Saturday at 9:00.  The work portion will be cancelled if it is raining; however, for those of you who couldn't attend on Monday, Averil and I will be there to collect rental fees and go over the guidelines.
Have a great week!
Click on image for full-size printable flyer
Dear gardeners,
A couple of folks have asked if they can just mail their registration check if they can't attend the registration meeting on Mon., Feb. 18.  Because we've had problems with folks not keeping their boxes weeded and other things, we're asking any new or returning gardener who can't attend the registration meeting to meet with a committee member to go over the rules before we accept their check.  If you can't attend, please send an email to (replies can be hard to see in the string) and schedule a meet-up time OR come to the monthly work session on Saturday, Feb. 23.  We haven't officially set the start time yet, but I'm sure folks will be there at 9:00 unless there's inclement weather.

Dear gardeners,

Remember we'll be doing all-at-once registration at a group meeting on Monday, February 18, at 6:00 at the Depot.  The garden committee will provide meat and vegetarian lasagna, bread, water, and plates & utensils, using rental fees to pay.  While we're asking folks to bring side dishes, if you don't have time to bring something, please just bring yourself and your payment.  We'll provide registration/agreement forms.
NEW THIS YEAR:  Garden membership will not be automatic on receiving payment.  Participants must attend this registration meeting OR meet with a steering committee member(s) to review garden rules and sign your agreement.  If you register and pay at City Hall, you will not officially have your box and your check will not be deposited until you've done the review--so we encourage you to come to the meeting so we can all be on the same page.
Due to cold temperatures, we will not have a garden work session this coming Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing y'all on 2/18!
Brenda Keen
WCG committee chair 

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