Since we are not able to hold an in-person group orientation, here is some useful info for new gardeners – and probably some good reminders for everyone!

You should know that the gardens are never locked and you may garden at whatever hour of the day or night you choose!

Compost:  the pile of compost/soil outside the garden fence is for the use of gardeners on their community garden beds. It can be used for mulching or adding organic material to your soil.

Weeds/Plant waste material:  These can be dumped in the area by the side of the recyclable bins.  The county picks this up regularly. Please do not throw trash here, as this would result in us losing this service. (There is a dumpster just outside the gardens in the parking lot in front of the City Works Department and trash can be placed there.)

Garden tools:  The garden tools in the shed are for general use. If you use them please replace them where you found them.

Watering cans and wheelbarrows: – also for general use.

Watering faucets – are functional. You can fill watering cans from these, and also attach a hose. If you use a hose please do not drag it over garden boxes.  This will damage growing plants!

Fire ants:  This is a perennial problem.  We seemed to have taken care of it last year but please be on the lookout around the edges of your boxes inside and out.   Be aware that fire ants have a nasty sting.

There are bottles of orange oil, diluted, in the shed and the instructions for using this on the ants are there, too.  You can take care of these yourself. We do a periodic all-garden treatment if they become too invasive.

Pathways upkeep:  We hire a company to do a monthly mowing and weed-whacking of the communal pathways.  Please try to keep your plants from trailing into the pathways and keep all your gardening tools, plant supports, etc. out of the pathways.

Herb Garden/Pollinator Garden:  The herbs are for use by all the gardeners. Please help yourselves! The pollinator garden also has raspberries and blueberries which are available for picking at the appropriate time of year.

Workdays:   Please be aware that all management and maintenance of the gardens is done on a volunteer basis. To help with this we hold joint work sessions on the mornings of the last Saturday of the month.   These are actually a fun time! We work together, get a lot achieved, and it is a good time to meet other gardeners.  Please try to attend these workdays.

Parking at the gardens:  it is best not to park in front of the fire department.  If they are called out on an emergency, they might not have time to find you to  ask you to move your car!  Other than that, you may park wherever you can find a spot.

Please be aware that during business hours Monday through Friday, you should not park on the side of the garden where the recycling bins are.  There’s not really any extra space when the Solid Waste trucks come to haul away and replace the containers.

This should take care of any questions that you have, but if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to ask.  Just email us.

Happy Community Gardening!

WCG Committee