Municipal Court

Honorable Markus Boenig - Municipal Court Judge                                                              
Wendy L. Bond, Municipal Court Clerk

After a traffic citation or city ordinance violation is issued, unless a court appearance is required, you may call to find out the cost of the citation at 706-742-8600. Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm. (Closed 12-1 pm)

If a court appearance is not required, you have three options for paying the citation:

1.  Payment in the form of a personal check, money order or cashiers check can be mailed to:

     City of Winterville
     PO Box 306
     Winterville, GA 30683

2.  You can pay in person with cash, money order, cashier's check, debit, or credit card. (We do not accept American Express).

     City of Winterville
     125 North Church Street
     Winterville, GA 30683

3.  Pay online by going to 
     (There is a convenience fee percentage added to the cost of the citation.) 

If a court appearance is required, the citation is added to the court calendar for the appropriate arraignment date.

What should I to expect at court?

At your scheduled court date (also known as the "Arraignment"), you will be required to enter a plea of Guilty, Not Guilty, or Nolo Contendre.

Guilty Plea = You will be waiving any rights to:
1.  A trial by judge or jury
2. A presumption of innocence
3. Confront witnesses
4. Testify and offer more evidence
5. A right to counsel
6. The right against self-discrimination

If the judge accepts the guilty plea, you will be sentenced and the case will be disposed of.

Not Guilty Plea - you will be asked to choose either a Bench Trial (which will be held here at the Municipal Court by our Judge, or a Trial by Jury (which will be transferred to the State Court and the trial will be scheduled for a later date).

You have the right to request a pre-trial conference to discuss charges against you.

If you are placed on PROBATION, you will meet with a Probation Officer before you are excused from court.

Failure to appear on your scheduled court date, will result in either a Bench Warrant being issued or a suspension of your license or both.

The disposition of your case will be transmitted to the appropriate agency, i.e., Department of Driver Services.

If for good cause you cannot appear for your scheduled court date, a one-time continuance can be granted. Please call PRIOR to your court date to discuss.

Please dress appropriately for your court appearance, no hats, no tank tops or midriff shirts.

Please silence your cell phone prior to entering court.


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