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Winterville Depot

Winterville Depot

Winterville began as a railroad town, or a wood and water station for the Georgia Railroad, which used to pass through town. Our town was incorporated in 1904, and in 1906, the Oglethorpe County portion of town was transferred to Clarke County. A few years ago, the train tracks were removed when the train stopped coming through Winterville. But we have our historic train depot to remind us of an earlier time when trains were the way to travel or move goods from one place to another. The depot serves as a community center and can be rented.

The Winterville Depot, once called the Six-Mile Train Station, was purchased by the city in 1982 and renovated for use as a community center and town hall. City Council meetings and other meetings were held in the depot for several years. Today, our depot has been renovated once again through the general funding of a Department of Transportation grant. The depot is the heart of our community and is host to many community meetings and social functions.

To rent this building for your next event contact city hall at 706-742-8600 or see our Rental Page

Carter-Coile Doctors Museum

Carter-Coile Doctors Museum Office

The Carter-Coile Doctors Museum in Winterville, Georgia is one of only two such museums in the United States! Housed in a white clapboard building that once was the office of Dr. Warren Carter and later Dr. Frank Coile, it is possibly the only museum in the state, and one of the few in the country that honors the country doctor. The building was restored through donations from former patients and friends of the late Dr. Coile.

Dr. Carter graduated from a medical college in Atlanta around 1870, and opened his office in the small building when it was located on town square (on a lot near the street, in front of the present Winterville Police Dept.). Dr. Coile moved into the building later, when his office burned. The diplomas of both men are on display inside the museum.

Other items on display included equipment from the estate of the late Dr. A. J. Griffeth of Comer, Georgia, who practiced medicine about the same time as Drs. Carter and Coile practiced. Equipment from the office of Dr. J.A. Nabers, who was raised in Winterville, is on display, as well as an examining table from the office of Dr. Gustav Canning.

The sign on the front door of the museum was once the timetable for the old Winterville Depot. Eulalia Amos of Winterville preserved it and painted it for use as a marker for the museum.

Historic School and Auditorium

Community Center and Auditorium

The old Winterville High School sat vacant for sixty years. The last graduating class walked through its doors in 1956. As the ravages of time took a toll on the once-proud building, the roof began to leak, windows were broken. And the bathroom walls had caved in.  Mold and mildew covered the walls and no one seemed to care.

In 2009, after 12 years of negotiations between the City of Winterville and the Athens-Clarke County Board of Education, the City acquired the deeds to the former Winterville High School and the auditorium next door for $1 each.  These buildings were the last remaining structures of several schools on that site since 1880.

The main high school building is now the Winterville Center for Community and Culture, and it hosts adult fitness and enrichment classes serving Winterville and beyond.

The Winterville Auditorium expands Winterville’s cultural reach with concerts, plays, opera, and other performance events, along with community forums, conferences, and large meetings. 

Both the community center and auditorium can be rented. Visit our rentals page for more information.

Double-Barreled Cannon

Community Center and Auditorium

Winterville’s double-barreled cannon sits at the front of Pittard Park in downtown Winterville. It is a replica of the original double-barreled cannon which resides in neighboring Athens. Winterville’s cannon was made by David Johnson, father to Mary Whitehead, whose husbandm Wesley Whitehead, was mayor of Winterville for many years.

Winterville Souvenirs and Gifts

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