Historic Preservation Commission

In 1841, the town of “Six Mile Station” was completed half a dozen miles from the Georgia Railroad terminus at Athens, GA.  Like most rail towns, the settlement grew around the station, eventually becoming known as Winterville in 1866, and through the formation of a Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), Winterville has taken the next steps to ensure its historic character remains intact for years to come.

Any visitor to Winterville will note the extensive historic resources which dot our community. Victorian, Craftsman, Georgian, and Ranch homes line our streets, and our civic structures (ranging from the 1890s train depot to our newly renovated 1953 auditorium) provide a centering experience that keeps Winterville feeling familiar over time. After the creation of the city’s HPC in 2018, the next major step for Winterville was to gain the status of “Certified Local Government” (CLG) from the National Park Service, which it attained in 2020. Said Winterville HPC chair Kim Burch at the time, “By being named a CLG, Winterville can now apply for Federal funding as well as assistance in furthering preservation matters in our community. It’s an important and notable moment in our quest to guide our city’s future without forsaking its past.”

There are more than 200 historic resources within the city limits, which has prompted the proposed creation of Historic Districts throughout Winterville. If approved by the Mayor and Council, structures within these Districts will be subject to guidelines which govern changes to their external appearance in order to maintain the historic character of their neighborhood. Homeowners within districts may qualify for state and federal tax benefits if they conduct appropriate work which restores a structure’s appearance or adapts it to a new, sustainable use. Property values within historic districts also tend to trend upward, maintaining or enhancing a home’s value.

Winterville’s Historic Preservation Commission welcomes public comment on any matters pertaining to the HPC’s mission and purview. Meetings are held at 6:00pm on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to the public. Residents can also always email the commission at WintervilleHPC@gmail.com.

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HPC Minutes (2021-08-17)

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