As we age, change occurs.  We try to manage those changes as best we can.  We actively work our bodies and minds to stay healthy.   An organized plan with measurable goals is the best way to accomplish this.  Over time changes occur in our communities as well.  It is essential that we anticipate and have a plan to address these changes as well.

The City of Winterville has a vision for protective growth and has acted upon it, under the current Mayor, Dodd Ferrelle and the City Council Members.

The citizens of the City of Winterville have voted on a Comprehensive Master Land Use Plan, with the guidance and assistance of the UGA School of Environmental Design.   They have also adopted a Tree Ordinance, which protects old-growth trees in future development as well as adding trees through a Tree Dedication Program.  These Ordinances can be viewed in detail on the City’s Website.

There has also been approval of an Architectural Review Board/Historic Preservation Commission.  It is actively participating in the oversight of future development as well as preserving the unique look of our “Historic Train Town”.

The City of Winterville is looking forward to the Firefly Trail which will bring more visitors to our sweet little town and hopefully all will appreciate our efforts to keep us a “Screen Door” community with the added value of proactive growth and educated citizens.

The Historic Preservation Commission meets the fourth Monday at the Winterville Center at 6:30 p.m.

Kim Burch

Chair, Architectural Review Board/Historic Preservation Commission

HPC Agenda 12/15/20

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HPC Minutes 11/17/20

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11/17/20 HPC Agenda

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