Winterville Fire Truck

Winterville Fire Department

The first volunteer fire department was started in 1736 by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though the concept of putting out a fire seemed simple, the equipment available proved that was not the case

The only tools the volunteers had to work with was buckets, ladders and a few hand tools. This led to the first fire departments being called “Bucket Brigades”. Over the last two hundred plus years, tools and equipment have become more and more modern with changes in technology. With the advances in turnout gear, breathing apparatus, engines and numerous other things, firefighters are able to put out a fire in a much more efficient and safe manner.

Though the volunteer fireman doesn’t get paid to run calls, they are trained to the same level as a paid firefighter and take just as much pride in their profession. There is nothing as special as the heart of a volunteer!

Winterville Fire Volunteers

Meet our Volunteers

Michael Gabriel – Chief

Ray Durie – Assistant Chief

Chuck Thornton – Captain

Trey Crowley

Roy Howard

Daniel Huckabee

Dylan Smith

Alex Bond

Richard Knight

David Hooper

Thor Bjorrnson

Cullen Robinson

Mike Hembree

Emergency: 911 
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Winterville Fire Department
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