City Budgets


The City budget is a financial plan that describes anticipated revenue and expenditures for accomplishing a variety of services over a years time. The financial members of the City Council are Gary Snow and Mary Quinn, however, the entire City Council will make choices about the City's services, programs, and other ways the money is spent.  

The City operates on a calendar year, January through December, not on a fiscal cycle.

Budget preparation allows the city's various departments the opportunity to set goals and objectives and the means for accomplishing them.  The budget process starts in the middle of the year when all department heads are asked to start thinking about the finance goals for the coming year.

Federal and state grant money is a big part of the City's budget for accomplishing our goals, i.e. SPLOST & TSPLOST



2020 APPROVED BUDGET (Pre-Vote Final 9/10/2019)

2018 APPROVED BUDGET  7/11/2017

2017 APPROVED BUDGET 7-12-2016

2016 Budget - Unaudited 



The State of Georgia strongly recommends that each city provide an audit of their financial statements.  Our City is in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, generally accepted government auditing standards, and federal and state regulations. You can find out more information about this at: Georgia Department of DOAA 

2017 Audit - Approved Final

2016 Audit - Approved Final 

2015 City of Winterville Annual Financial Report Fiscal Year Ended 2015-Audited