Q: Why is your town the only municipality located in Athens-Clarke County? 

A: Because the town of Athens chose to give up its city charter in 1991 when Athens and Clarke County unified their governments. Parts of Bogart also are located within Athens-Clarke County, but the city of Winterville is the only municipality located entirely within Athens-Clarke County. Though Athens-Clarke County is a city/county, Winterville still looks to that government as our county and receives services from the county. Citizens of Winterville pay Athens-Clarke County taxes as well as City of Winterville taxes. 

Q: Where did the Winterville library building come from?

A: The building was moved from the now abandoned Clarke County’s poor farm, which was located near the present day Athens-Clarke County police department on Lexington Road. In the days before welfare, citizens of Clarke County who had no place else to go could live in one of the cottages such as our library, located at the poor farm.

Q: Are there any Winters left in Winterville? 

A: No. But there are several Winter family houses located within the city limits. One is the home of John Winter, one of Winterville’s earliest settlers. This house, located behind the Methodist church, was built in the 1850s and is home today to Mayor Dodd and Cameron Ferrelle. Another Winter home is across from this house, on Main St. Another Winter home is located on Winter Street behind the Winterville Center.

Q: When was the old bank building on the square built? 

A: 1912. It was built and owned by John Pittard and once served as the Winterville branch of the U.S. Post Office.

Q: Does Winterville have a train? 

A: Yes! Winterville is proud to own a train ride, The Marigold Express. This popular attraction was built by former police chief Ed Fleeman and his son Darryl. The little red caboose, better known as the Red Robin Caboose, was built by local carpenter, Lee Tolbert, and named for his daughter, Robin.

Q: When did Winterville High School close? 

A: 1956. For many years, Winterville High School was the center of our community. Over the years, the school produced several championship basketball teams. Visit the website to learn more about the school’s history and remarkable renovation story to become the city’s community center., the Winterville Center for Community and Culture.

Q: Where is the Hunnicutt House?

A: The historic Hunnicutt House or Hunnicutt Hotel is located on Main Street, across from the Methodist Church. Once used as a hotel for traveling drummers, or salesmen, who would stop in Winterville to pedal their wares, the Hunnicutt Hotel is also the site where the Winterville Iceberg newspaper was published. Today, this building which has ten rooms, each with its own fireplace and private entrance, is a private home

Q: When did the city purchase the historic depot? 

A: The Winterville Depot, once called the Six-Mile Train Station, was purchased by the city in 1982 and renovated for use as a community center and town hall. City Council meetings and other meetings were held in the depot for several years. Today, our depot has been renovated once again through the general funding of a Department of Transportation grant. The depot is the heart of our community and is host to many community meetings and social functions. 

Q: What happened to the auditorium?

A: The Auditorium is currently under renovation thanks in part to two grants from the Fox Theater Institute of Atlanta for over $90 thousand dollars.  The auditorium has become home to the Circle Ensemble Theatre Company who have presented several productions to date.  

Many volunteer work hours by Winterville citizens plus private donations have helped to make the auditorium an integral part of the culture of Winterville.

City of Winterville, Georgia