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Applications Being Taken for Downtown Development Authority

The city of Winterville is now taking applications for our newly reactivated DDA. A DDA (Downtown Development Authority) is used in cities throughout the state as a mechanism to revitalize and redevelop municipal central business districts. The DDA training (provided) provides local leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure a healthy, vibrant downtown.

DDAs have a range of powers:

  • developing and promoting downtowns
  • making long-range plans or proposals for downtowns
  • financing (by loan, grant, lease, borrow or otherwise) projects for the public good
  • executing contracts and agreements
  • purchasing, leasing and selling property
  • issuing revenue bonds and notes

There will be 7 DDA members ("Directors") appointed and the requirements for serving on the DDA can be found on the application. The DDA will work with our Georgia Municipal Association DDA Manager, Stephanie Aylworth, as they reactivate and begin their training. Please turn in completed applications to Wendy Bond at or at Winterville City Hall by appointment. Thank you for considering this important service to our city. 

Download a DDA Application

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City Council Meeting Monday, April 27th at 5:30PM

City of Winterville
Monday April 27, 2020
5:30 p.m. – City Hall/Zoom/Live via Facebook
Called Meeting Agenda
The Winterville City Council will conduct a Called Meeting Monday April 27, 2020 at Winterville City Hall 5:30 pm. This meeting will be held via Zoom for Mayor and Council Members and will be broadcasted live via Facebook to be in compliance with the Shelter-in-place order.

  1. Joint Development Authority (Discuss/Vote)
  2. Charter Amendment (Discuss Public Hearing cancellation and schedule.)

No other business will be discussed.

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Marigold Festival Canceled

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Coronavirus Update - 3/17/20

Dear Wintervillians,

After a conference call this morning with the District Health Director and the local CoVID-19 Policy Group I can confirm that 2 people in Athens-Clarke County have tested positive for the Corona Virus.

The two cases are not linked and neither patient had traveled in or out of the country or state so it is believed they contracted the virus through community transmission. These 2 individuals are not high risk and are improving, but more cases are expected so please continue to follow procedures spelled out in the CDC guidelines for hygiene and social distancing with regard to CoVID-19.

I will continue to update the community and City Hall will be open this week if you have any questions or concerns.


Dodd I. Ferrelle, Mayor

Mayor Dodd I. Ferrelle
City of Winterville
125 North Church Street
Winterville, Georgia 30683

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