Coronavirus Update - April 5th

We just completed another conference call update with our two hospitals and other healthcare providers in the area. Our providers continue to be prepared and have plans for ensuring our community has the resources it needs throughout this fight against COVID-19.

Our hospitals are regional hubs and continue to see local patients and those from around the region. As of noon today, we have 62 confirmed positive cases of Clarke County residents with 8 COVID-19 related deaths, 24 positives in Oconee, 25 positives in Barrow with 2 related deaths, and 15 confirmed positives in Jackson Co.

Testing remains limited and continues to be focused on those at most risk and our healthcare workers. Our providers have the supplies necessary at this time, but are preparing for further need as the number of cases continues to increase. Both hospitals have made plans to increase ICU bed capacity as necessary.

We heard from our hospitals that more homemade cloth masks would be beneficial. If you're able to create and donate these masks, please visit this website to learn specifics - They can then be dropped off at either hospital and will be a great help.

Tonight, community members have put together a Caravan of Care - where the community will show appreciation for those on the front lines. The caravan will meet in the parking lot of the Homewood Village Shopping Center at 6:30 PM. For more information, please visit

We all stand ready to assist in any way possible throughout this time of need. We remain in regular communication with each other, our healthcare providers, local businesses and workers - we are all in this fight together.

Mayor Kelly Girtz
Mayor Dodd Ferrelle
Chairman John Daniell
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Spencer Frye
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Marcus Wiedower 

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