Coronavirus Update - March 29th

We just completed another update with our two local hospitals and other healthcare providers in the area. Based on this call, we want to provide the community with several updates.

The most important is this - our healthcare providers in the Athens area are prepared. We all know the number of cases is going to increase, and we may see a surge - but the hospitals and our other providers are ready.

Testing capacity and response time for results continue to move in the right direction. One of the most significant challenges in addition to limited testing is waiting times for results. Fortunately, we anticipate much quicker testing results over the next several days - which will also significantly help with PPE supplies.

The Georgia National Guard has deployed medical officers to the Athens area to provide additional support, as well, and we thank them for their continued service to our state and community.

Many have reached out about providing support to those on the frontlines - whether it's food or supplies. For Piedmont Athens Regional, please contact Libby Hayes at, and for St. Mary's, please contact Ansley Martin at We're also seeing a continued need for blood donations. Please consider visiting and donating blood.

Congressman Jody Hice also joined us and provided an update on the federal level. His office stands ready to assist our hospitals in securing necessary funding and working with others requesting funding as part of the recent federal relief package.

Finally, as always, we are all here to assist in any way possible. We know these are extremely challenging times, but we're confident we will emerge from this battle successful and even stronger as a community. We're incredibly grateful for those on the frontlines - let's all continue to lift up our healthcare workers as they lead this fight.

Mayor Kelly Girtz
Mayor Dodd Ferrelle
Chairman John Daniell
Senator Bill Cowsert
Senator Frank Ginn
Representative Spencer Frye
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Marcus Widower

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