Good Afternoon WCG gardeners!

This is a reminder of our garden registration for the year 2021 to 2022, on Saturday, February 20, from 10 AM until noon, in the large pavilion in Pittard Park.  

  • Please be aware that payment must be made with cash or a check. We cannot take credit cards.  
  • Blank registration forms will be available, but they are also available on our city webpage and I will attach one to this email. You might find it more convenient to print off one of these and have it filled out already.
  • Unfortunately, this cannot be a social occasion such as the potlucks that we have had in the past, but this does mean that the registration should not take you much time!  
  • Please wear masks and keep your 6 feet distanceas much as possible.

There will be members of the garden committee attending this event and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

 All gardeners are expected to register. If you cannot register on the 20th, please let us know and we will come up with other arrangements. Just for your information, City Hall is closed except for appointments, so dropping off forms and payments there will not be convenient this year!

 To returning gardeners:  The garden year finishes on February 28, and you will retain the box(es) that you had last year. Any boxes that are not re-registered by the end of February will be considered free and available to new gardeners.

 To current gardeners who are not returning:  It would be helpful if you could let us know that you do not want your box(es) for the new gardening year. Please clean out your boxes, since we will need to have them available for new gardeners from March 1. Thank you! 

 To new gardeners:  We look forward to meeting you on Saturday, Feb. 20th.  I am happy to say that It would seem there will be enough vacant boxes for each would-be  gardener who has already contacted us to be able to garden with us this year.

 We look forward to seeing you all at the PIttard Park pavilion on February 20th!

 Averil (WCG Rentals)

and the WCG Committee