Phase II of the Auditorium Renovation

These are photos at the beginning stage of the Phase II renovation of the Auditorium.

Photos courtesy of Burke Walker

Historic Auditorium

altLeave a Lasting Legacy...Help Save The Winterville Auditorium

The Winterville Auditorium, a 450 seat hall next door to the Winterville Center for Community and Culture, will be restored. Once the site of recitals, pageants, concerts, and plays, the Winterville Auditorium was abandoned in 2002. Since such events must now be held at venues outside of Winterville, the expectation of hosting a vibrant performing arts calendar for both the city and surrounding area is an exciting prospect for the citizens.

It is anticipated that the auditorium will also be utilized for essential governmental meetings, public and private conferences or events, and assemblies for training or education.

As a community, we have met in public planning forums; created working committees focusing on various aspects of the restoration; retained an architectural firm for consultation with planning; and are actively pursuing various funding avenues. The Mayor and City Council of Winterville are enthusiastic participants in this restoration project.

To curb further deterioration, the auditorium was immediately stabilized. Funding of this project has become a personal challenge for members of the community.  A local citizen, David Matthews Morgan, submitted grant requests to the Atlanta Fox Theater Foundation, which has resulted in grants of over $90 thousand dollars.

Clean-up Day at the Auditorium


Fox Theatre Grant Award for Auditorium

10/25/17 - We are happy to announce the award of $55,476 in grant funding from the Fox Theatre Institute to the City of Winterville for the purposes of renovating our Auditorium. More information will be coming very soon, but please enjoy this good news and thank the Winterville Arts Council and David Matthews-Morgan for making this happen.
Dodd Ferrelle, Mayor

8th Grade Men's Group at Coile Middle School

10/6/2018 - Students from the 8th Grade Men's Group at Coile Middle School helped their teacher Paul Sellew with the HEAVY lifting at our first Community Workday in the Auditorium. Your chance to help comes this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thank you Mr. Sellew and Coile Middle School for being such a big part of our Community! W.R. Coile Middle School Clarke County School District

Volunteer Work Crew

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We are a Non-profit 501(C)3

Winterville has a long and rich heritage.  The Winterville Heritage Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 to recognize and preserve this proud history.  This foundation is a tax exempt corporation, and would accept any tax exempt donations toward restoration and improving our remaining historic buildings.  We would also accept any documents or pictures related to Winterville's history.  We would appreciate any contributions to these preservation efforts.

Ronnie Harris, President
Winterville Heritage Foundation