City Council Tentative Agenda
City of Winterville
City Hall – 125 N Church Street -Winterville, GA 30683
Tuesday March 8, 2022 – 6:00 p.m.
City Council Meeting

A. Call to order – Mayor Ferrelle

B. Pledge

C. Approval of Minutes – February 8, 2022

D. Unfinished Business:

1. Amend 2021 Budget (Vote)
2. Municode Adoption (Set 3 Public Hearings)
3. Fire Suppression System Quotes (Vote)

E. New Business

1. PD Ordinance (Set Public Hearing)
2. Overlay Business/Commercial District (Set Pubic Hearing)
3. Design Guidelines (Discuss)
4. Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Set Public Hearing)
5. Fire Alarm System in Auditorium (VOTE to approve up to $10,000 using SPLOST 2020
and ARP funds)
6. Marigold Collective Business Plan (VOTE to fund $2500 using ARP Funds)
7. Pavilion Rental Fees (VOTE)
8. NEGRC Comprehensive Plan Update ($4500 Due in 2023/VOTE to approve using General
9. Tree Commission Member: Tina Mills (VOTE)
10. Communication Committee Members: Pam Doonan and Cathy Evans (VOTE)
11. Mask Mandate

F. Committee Reports:

1. Public Finance – Councilpersons Snow & Johnson
2. Public Safety – Councilpersons Mooney & Snow
3. Public Works – Councilpersons Johnson & Metzger
4. Communication – Metzger & Mooney

G. Winterville Campus – David Matthews-Morgan
H. Dr. Museum Report – Jonathan Scott
I. Marigold Market Report – Sherrie Anderson
J. Library Report – Deirdre Murray
K. Clerk’s Report – Wendy Bond
L. City Attorney’s Report – David Ellison
M. Mayor’s Report – Dodd Ferrelle
N. Public Comments
O. Announcements
P. Adjournment

City of Winterville, Georgia