Hi gardeners,

Our friend Bill Turner is moving to Winder, so we’re having a breakfast potluck to say thanks for his great work on the garden committee as the treasurer and Food Bank coordinator.  We will bid him farewell and best wishes!  

There’s a sign-up sheet for dishes if you know what you plan to bring or want to see what others are bringing.  It is fine to decide at the last minute, though!  Here’s the link:  


Amelia did a great flyer (below). 

On behalf of the WCG committee, we hope to see y’all next Saturday,


P.S.  There are a lot of seedlings outside the gate on the toolshed side.  I think mostly okra and either cukes or squash.  Feel free to take some and/or give them to friends.

Community Garden Potluck
City of Winterville, Georgia