City Council Tentative Agenda
City of Winterville
Tuesday January 5, 2021
5:30 p.m. – Winterville Auditorium
City Council Workshop
To be broadcast live on Facebook.


  1. 2021 Civic Calendar Approval
  2. Mayor Pro Tempore
  3. Committees
  4. WVFD (Approve Officers)
  5. Community Center Update
  6. Public Works Assistant/City Arborist (Update)
  7. Winterville Tree Commission (Re-instate Bob Bonsall for 3 year term)
  8. Lea Clark (Winterville Tree Commission)
  9. Main Street Crosswalk Project Update
  10. Citizen Petition for Main St. Traffic Study— Church and Smokey (Update)
  11. Planning and Zoning/ City Council Meetings Q1
  12. NEGRC Update
  13. City Council Issues/Concerns for the Agenda