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Following its selection by the mayor, the Winterville Citizen Advisory Committee met weekly
from May 4, 2019 through June 10, 2019 to solicit and review proposals for the Winterville
component of the proposed 2020 Athens Clarke County SPLOST.
Members of the committee were:
Michael Shockley, Chairman
Brian Binder, Vice-chairman
Shauna Smith, Secretary
Sam Alvarez
Bob Bonsall
Bruce Johnson
Jonathan Scott
The time and place of each meeting was published in the library and on the city website,
Facebook and Next Door Neighbor, and citizen participation was invited.
Minutes of each meeting were kept and have been submitted to the city administration.
Sixteen proposals were received. Of the fifteen deemed suitable for funding by the SPLOST,
Five were from the City Administration,
Three concerned the Community Center and Auditorium,
Three were from City organizations (Tree Commission, Friends of the Library and this
Three were from individual members of the Committee,
One was from a Winterville resident not associated with the Committee.
The method used for assigning priority scores was adapted from the system used by the
National Institutes of Health to rate grant applications. The spreadsheet used to implement this
procedure accompanies this document and is fully transparent and auditable. The general
guidance for scoring was as follows:
1-2 Proposals deemed essential for maintaining our current quality of life.
2-3 Proposals that would enhance our quality of life with either a minimal or positive effect
on the city budget
3-4 Proposals that would enhance our quality of life but at a cost to the city budget
4-5 Proposals that would have little positive impact on our quality of life.
Because of time constraints, we did not have complete information about some of the
proposals. In particular this lack of data concerned the potential financial impact of the
Auditorium and Community Center proposals on the city budget. This may have reduced the
Committee’s enthusiasm for these proposals.
The following report is respectfully submitted to the Mayor and Council of the City of Winterville.

City of Winterville, Georgia