Dear gardeners,

 I applied the milky spore powder this afternoon, but when I went to fill watering cans, I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the hose at the Public Works building.  It may rain in a couple of days, and if it does, it should be okay; but if you want to be sure it gets into your soil well, you might want to swing by with a jug and water it in.  There are two rough spots of white powder in each box.

 Although I tried very hard to keep the powder off of edible plants, there was a little air movement; so I recommend washing well anything you pick in the next few days.

 I added a bit of powder to the Pollinator Garden, but not at the recommended coverage rate.  I only used about half of the powder we ordered, so hopefully we can just put down another application later on.  A few beds hadn’t been cleaned out, so the powder didn’t get directly on the soil in those.

 I’ll probably take a big jug of water over tomorrow, so if you can’t get to your box, email me your box number and I’ll water it for you.  Let me know if you have any questions.