Fall is coming!  While we won’t be able to have a Harvest potluck this year, we can still be thankful for our garden and its bounty.

The Garden Committee will be meeting at an earlier time (5:30) than usual to make sure we’re done in time for those who wish to participate in the Mayor’s Town Hall at 7:00.  I don’t know whether the Town Hall will be at the Auditorium or online, and there’s no info on the City website.  (I’ll be checking the City’s Facebook page, as it’s likely it will be Live.)

All are welcome to attend the committee meeting, but attendees must wear a mask and maintain distance in the Pavillion. 

The agenda is below:

Winterville Community Garden Committee Agenda
Monday, September 21, 2020
5:30 p.m., Pittard Park Pavillion

Approval of July minutes

Treasurer’s report

Discuss Milky Spore application

Set time for September work day

If anyone has other topics they’d like to be discussed, please let me know. I’ll announce the time and goals for the 9/26 work day after the meeting.



WCG committee chair

City of Winterville, Georgia