Winterville Community Garden

Winterville is proud to now host its very own city-sponsored community garden near Pittard Park - 2019 is our sixth year and we hope you will come going in for the fun!

Winterville Community Garden vision:

The Winterville Community Garden is a place for sharing gardening knowledge in a collaborative environment; promoting self-sufficiency; providing healthy and productive activities for members of our community; promoting a chemical-free and sustainable source of food and beauty; and fostering a sense of community in Winterville. 

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a piece of land gardened by a group of people for the production of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Why join a community garden?

  • Space to grow food
  • Experience the fresh air
  • Get some exercise
  • An opportunity to connect with your neighbors
  • Time with nature
  • Peace & relaxation
  • Share and improve your gardening skills
  • Save money by growing your own food
  • Enjoy pesticide-free food

How do I join the Winterville Community Garden?

For a modest fee, you can own a raised garden bed measuring 8 x 4 feet, shade-free and a food deep in fertile compost and soil mix. Each bed is ready to plant, comes with its own drip irrigation system, and is watered on an automatic timer. All you need to do is choose your favorite seeds, do the tending, and enjoy your harvest.

Please print the Community Garden Registration Form 2019 - 2020 (.pdf) or pick up a copy at City Hall and return the form with your payment. Please read the Community Garden Rules & Guidelines (.pdf) as well.
This Garden Planting Schedule (pdf) may be helpful to you.

How much does it cost to join?

2019 Rentals: Payment for your plot is due by March 1st, and this will cover one whole year until the end of February 2020.  The rental fee is $40 for one year.

Please fill out the form and take it, together with your payment, to City Hall.  There will also be forms available at City Hall.  There are a few boxes vacant at the moment, and after March 1st, those, and any that have not been rented will be available to new gardeners.  So encourage your friends and neighbors to join us!

The “Rules and Regulations” is a separate document for you to keep for reference.

For more information:



Garden Updates...


Good afternoon, gardeners  -  Just a quick update - Bob has ordered some new filters for the irrigation system at the gardens, and once they're installed he will turn on the water to the faucets.   It doesn't look as though we'll be getting any more frosts, and I see some gardens planted already - and we seem to be getting plenty of rain at the moment!

The garden box system needs some upgrading, but he will be getting on with that soon.  I'll let you know the water is turned on. 
Happy Gardening!
Dear gardeners,
Because the organic chemicals that we use for ants require warm soil and dry weather, we haven't been able to apply them to the whole garden thus far this year.  If you're having a problem with ants and want to be proactive, a good option is to mix equal parts of boric acid (available at pharmacies and perhaps some garden stores), flour, and sugar.  Sprinkle the mixture over the top of the soil and the ants will carry it down into the bed.
Thanks to new committee member Chris Holland for the info on the seed swap.
The Winder Community Gardens are having a seed swap this Saturday. See link below for flyer. 
Happy gardening, y'all!
committee chair
Good Morning Gardeners -
Just a quick follow-up to my last email.  It was good to see some of the WCG  gardeners at the meeting last night.  There were probably over 50 participants, including several farmers, and it was a great meeting - lots of very good ideas and discussion.  It would seem the most likely place for the Market to happen is at Pittard Park.  Dodd is forming a committee for further discussion, and I, for one of many, hope this Farmers Market happens.  An exciting project!
FYI - There are 6 vacant garden boxes.  The deadline is past, so if anyone is interested in a second (or third!) box, please let me know.
After the freeze tonight, I hope we'll be in for Spring gardening weather.  See you at the gardens!
(WCG Membership and Rentals)
Good Afternoon WCG gardeners - 
First a reminder - There will be a Town Hall meeting at the Winterville Depot this coming Monday, March 4, at 5:30 pm.  The topic is specifically to discuss a Farmers Market for Winterville.  As vegetable gardeners, we expect that you would be interested in this, and very much hope that you will be able to attend.
There will be food provided, partly from Little City Diner, and from Off-the-Vine.  The WCG Committee is providing a salad and some dessert.  If you have a favorite dish that you would like to share, it would be much appreciated, but this is certainly not necessary to attend the meeting!
Second - and you have probably seen this already - I just want to make sure that you know that at the moment the weather forecast for next week has a couple of nights of very low temperatures - mid-low 20s!  If you have planted non-hardy veg, or have anything that is flowering, e.g. blueberries, you might want to make sure they are covered each night to protect them from frost-damage.
Thanks, and we hope to see you at Monday's Town Hall meeting!
Averil (for the WCG Committee)
2/20/19 -
Dear gardeners,
First THANK YOU for the excellent turnout at the potluck on Monday!  It was great to see those of you who could come.  Remember we're having a work session on Saturday at 9:00.  The work portion will be cancelled if it is raining; however, for those of you who couldn't attend on Monday, Averil and I will be there to collect rental fees and go over the guidelines.
Have a great week!
Click on image for full-size printable flyer
Dear gardeners,
A couple of folks have asked if they can just mail their registration check if they can't attend the registration meeting on Mon., Feb. 18.  Because we've had problems with folks not keeping their boxes weeded and other things, we're asking any new or returning gardener who can't attend the registration meeting to meet with a committee member to go over the rules before we accept their check.  If you can't attend, please send an email to (replies can be hard to see in the string) and schedule a meet-up time OR come to the monthly work session on Saturday, Feb. 23.  We haven't officially set the start time yet, but I'm sure folks will be there at 9:00 unless there's inclement weather.

Dear gardeners,

Remember we'll be doing all-at-once registration at a group meeting on Monday, February 18, at 6:00 at the Depot.  The garden committee will provide meat and vegetarian lasagna, bread, water, and plates & utensils, using rental fees to pay.  While we're asking folks to bring side dishes, if you don't have time to bring something, please just bring yourself and your payment.  We'll provide registration/agreement forms.
NEW THIS YEAR:  Garden membership will not be automatic on receiving payment.  Participants must attend this registration meeting OR meet with a steering committee member(s) to review garden rules and sign your agreement.  If you register and pay at City Hall, you will not officially have your box and your check will not be deposited until you've done the review--so we encourage you to come to the meeting so we can all be on the same page.
Due to cold temperatures, we will not have a garden work session this coming Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing y'all on 2/18!
Brenda Keen
WCG committee chair 

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