July 20, 2017

Good Morning, WCG Gardeners! 

I have just come back from the Community Garden and I want to share this with you. 

We have a paid team of guys up there ……..  weeding!!  They are doing a fantastic job, and I have photos to share with you.  One of the photos shows how much they have accomplished, and what the pathways should look like – doesn’t it look great?  And the other is the “this is wrong” picture.  And you will all have seen the new Pollinator Garden and know how well that has grown – almost like magic! – But not – that represents a lot of work on the part of half a dozen of the gardeners.

So here’s the thing:  the pathways need to be kept free of weeds.  The more we tackle this the easier it will become.  Picking out small weeds before they go to seed will greatly reduce the number of weeds next time around, and the lighter the weeding becomes.  In the WCG agreement you signed, you agreed to “make a good faith effort to maintain my garden bed in a weed free condition.  This includes the surrounding 18” border around the box.  I understand that rental agreements for abandoned or unmaintained garden beds in a state of neglect may be revoked unless previous arrangements are made with the Garden Committee”.   We don’t want to lose any of our gardeners, but ……….

We know it has poured …and poured….and poured with rain.  That makes the weeds easier to pull.   We are asking you to please do your share – that’s all.  Some of us do a lot more than that, and will continue to do so.  No-one is officially “in charge’ of the main paths, for example, or around the outside of the fences.  But we do it.

There is an alternative.  The annual dues are relatively low.  Some Community Gardens charge considerably more than we do.  We could increase the fees to cover weeding crew charges.   This would allow those of us who put in all those hours of weeding to do more beautifying e.g. expanding the pollinator garden.  Come to the general meeting on Monday, September 18, and let us know what you think – or email us!   We need everyone to pull their weight!!

Thank you for doing your part to keep our gardens beautiful!

Averil (WCG Committee Communications)

Brenda (WCG Committee Chair)

Enjoy your gardening!

Brenda Keen (Chair, WCG Committee)

Averil (Rentals/Communications)

From this....

ugly weeds

to this!


Reminders from the WCG Rules and Guidelines:

  • Please keep the 18” border around your garden box free of weeds.  Some of you have done a really great job already, and the rest of us will have done it soon, I’m sure.
  • Please do not bring your pets into the garden area.


It is perfectly OK to attach a garden hose to one of our spigots when you want to do extra watering, but please do not leave the hose attached.  When a closed hose is left in the sun, the water inside it will eventually heat up enough to burst the hose – and then the water will continue to run.  Not only is this wasteful but it will encourage a rapid growth of weeds in the gravel – which none of us wants!   So just a reminder!  Thanks.


(for the WCG Committee)

Tools:   You will have realized that we have tools for your use at the gardens, and we will soon have them organized in a tidier fashion.  We are going to add some tarps for your use, too.   The reason for these is so that, when you are weeding your plots or surrounds, the weeds can be dropped straight onto the tarp without being scattered onto the gravel.  This way any weed seeds are contained, and this will help us minimize future weed growth. 


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If you have questions for a committee member, please email us at the above address.  And follow our Facebook page for current information and events at the gardens.

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