Workday & Weeds

September 23, 2017
Dear Garden Community,
We will have our monthly work session at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30.  We will be following up on some of the excellent discussion at our 9/18 meeting by creating a test area to see whether raking back existing gravel, putting long-lasting weed barrier cloth down, and restoring gravel coverage would be a feasible approach to the weed problem.
A reminder--gardeners who are contributing to the weed problem by not keeping weeds out of their beds and surrounding 18" border WILL NOT be allowed to have beds next year.  We WILL be taking notice on 9/30.  The committee does not enjoy acting as garden police or continually weeding areas that others should be doing.  Cooperating with the rules all gardeners agreed to will go a long way to keeping the garden healthy and neighbors happy.
WCGC chair

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