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Field Trip

October 4, 2017

Good Evening WCG Gardeners –

The Garden Committee thought it might be fun to do a local field trip for the next work party!  We think we’ve all worked hard, got through the summer, and deserve a break!  This will be on Saturday, October 28th, and I think 10 a.m. would probably be a good time, but that is not confirmed yet.

The site is Spring Valley EcoFarms – 1695 Spring Valley Road in Winterville.  Their mission is to restore soil through sustainable agriculture.  I have contacted Dr. Carl Jordan, Farm Owner and Director, and he has confirmed that this date would be good.  There is a lot of good reading on their website:

This is what his email said:

“… need to know what to expect at Spring Valley Ecofarms.  We do not grow flowers, nor do landscaping.  We are research on sustainable agriculture for small farms.  At the moment, there are three projects: "living mulch" in which annual vegetables and perennial shrubs are planted within a bed of perennial clover.  The clover enriches the soil with nitrogen, and suppresses weeds. Another project is cycling nutrients from a duck pond onto wood chips to make compost.  We use the ducks for eggs and meat.  Our blueberries were planted about 8 years ago on the worst soil of the farm under the light shade of Paulownia trees, to mimic shade grown coffee. The bushes have been supplied with heavy supplements of wood chips.

Those are the main things to be seen now - on our web site are descriptions of earlier projects.”

The tours are between 1 and 2 hours, depending on interest, and would include a half-mile walk.  He offers a horse-drawn wagon if anyone needs this, but says the ride is very bumpy!

There is no cost, but contributions are welcome.

If you think you might be interested in this tour, please let me know, and about a week ahead of time I’ll ask for a firm commitment from those who reply.

Thanks.  We hope you’ll join the group!


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